Significant California Cases

Ketner vs. Ashland Chemical

Solange obtains a high confidential six figure settlement representing a terminated 60 year old female employee who was fired after working for the company for 20 years and bringing in the company’s biggest accounts.

Eppel v. Arnel Management

Confidential six figure settlement after Solange takes the case over once Defendants file summary judgment/adjudication  motions.  Solange represents a Director of Collections and a property service representative for Arnel Management Company who became romantically involved.  The CFO, President and other high level employees force the employees to quit when they find out about the relationship.  The employees sue claiming harassment and retaliation. The case settles 6 days into trial.

Hasso v. American Airlines

Solange and her husband, Steve, represented a family including a 1 year old  baby who are kicked off of an American Airlines flight in London for no reason.  American’s personnel then interfere with the family’s attempts to book tickets on another airline to return to the United States during a holiday weekend.  The family’s prior attorney received a settlement offer of less than $10,000. Steve and Solange associate into the case and it settles just before trial for six figures including an award of 750,000 frequent flyer miles.

Smith v. Wang

Confidential high six figure settlement following mediation. Solange and Steve represent an elderly husband and wife ho lived in a mold infested house. Solange again steps into the case after summary judgment motions have been filed by the Defendants and successfully opposes them – leading the case open to settlement.


Confidential high six figure settlement against a governmental entity in a case representing a County employee who underwent work related stress emotional breakbown following inter department retaliation by supervisors over a number of years. Steve and Solange are brought into the case in Orange County Superior Court (Complex Panel) following settlement discussions that go no where. Over the course of a year and half while trial is being delayed for various reasons, they ready it for trial preparing 25 pre-trial motions, interviewing witnesses, etc.   The case settles for Plaintiff after a voluntary settlement conference after Solange agrues successfully on multiple motions pre-trial in limine and before Steve selects a jury in OC Superior Court. 


Confidential settlement in a case is Orange County Superior Court (Complex Panel).  Solange defended an innocent business owner and real estate developer, his elderly mother and their company against investor charges of running a “ponzi scheme.” They obtain a walk away settlement after 3 days of trial in Orange County Superior Court after 5 years of litigation by the Plaintiffs. Solange and Steve also “rescued” this case, stepping into it, when the OC Superior Court was about to grant terminating sactions against their clients.  The case settles after Solange files and argues multiple successful pre-trial motions in limine which essentially take the “steam” out of key components of the Plaintiffs’ case and evidence they intend to introduce before the jury.  The case settles after Steve conducts jury selection (voir dire) and before any evidence is introduced  or a single witness is sworn.

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